Dr. Schopbach’s treatments are thoroughly relaxing yet energizing experiences. Her knowledgeable and caring demeanor helps dissolve any concerns of discomfort. Dr. Schopbach has helped many of my physical imbalances - including digestive, hormonal and allergy issues. She is a true professional. And her cozy and inviting office space just puts icing on the (amazing) cake.
— Georgia

Wow! You’ve become my general practitioner. I now come to see you for everything from a pulled muscle to the cold & flu because my recovery time is cut in half after acupuncture. However, the reason I came to see you so many years ago was for my allergies. I had been seeing the Dr. on a regular bases with sinus infections, fatigue and asthma. Each time he would prescribe new medicines, nasal sprays & inhalers, but nothing worked. In fact, the nasal spray would cause my sinuses to swell even more, and the inhalers made my heart race. I was probably allergic to those too. In frustration and desperation I came to you, a bit skeptical at first I admit. After a few months, I was feeling much better, I began waking up feeling rested instead of feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. I now have great energy. I can breath freely, with not even a hint of asthma, and I no longer dread spring and summer.

You are a remarkable healer and the difference acupuncture has made in my life is priceless.

Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me.
— Sincerely, Rebecca Aiello-Zayas

A few years ago, I was having severe back problems. I could not even stand up straight. My general practitioner prescribed muscle relaxers and pain meds but those just made me sleep and then wake up in more pain because I didnt move for hours. I was introduced to acupuncture as an alternative pain treatment. After the first treatment, I felt like dancing! I have been able to control my back pain since that time with visits to Susans practice. She even helped me get my asthma under control with minimum drugs. I have used acupuncture to improve my overall health as well. From stress relief, to reduction on reliance of prescription meds, to pain maintenance during my pregnancy, acupuncture has changed my life tremendously. I dont go to my general practitioner first for my health needs, I call Susan!
— Cherie Vuong

Susan Schopbach treated me from the beginning of her career until I moved away. She treated me for sinus allergies, tuned up my adrenal glands, helped me release stress and old emotions, and treated muscle pains as well. Dr. Schopbach has a gentle touch and a quiet healing presence. I recommend her to everyone.
— Bridget Noel Jones , LMT

My name is Dianne; I am 44 years old. For the last couple of years, the week before I menstruated, I was so tired it was a chore to open a door. When I did start, the pain was unbearable due to passing large blood clots. Pain medication did nothing and my GYN recommended a hysterectomy. On several occasions, I had to leave work to go home for a change of clothes.

Due to my job, I did not have the time for a hysterectomy. One evening when watching The Oprah program, they were talking about Acupuncture and some of its benefits. I decided I would look further into it. When researching acupuncture on the web, I did not find any negative documentation. Therefore, I decided to try it. I had two sessions before my menstrual period started. I could tell it had already made a difference. My symptoms continued to improve over the next six weeks. It has been a few months since my last session and I have had no problems.

On a personal note, I would highly recommend Susan. She worked around my heavy work schedule and truly cared about my well-being. I traveled about 45 minutes each way, passing several other acupuncture clinics to see her. If I decide to have acupuncture for any other ailment, she will be the acupuncturist I will use. Acupuncture was a positive experience for me. I would definitely recommend it.
— Dianne

My family had always used acupuncture for various health problems. So when I was suffering from severe back pain and no other standard treatment methods were helping, I sought out acupuncture. Then I found Susan and she gave me hope. I had been in so much pain for many months, but with patience, positive thoughts and commitment to the treatment plan I became virtually pain free. On a scale from 1-10 my pain level was an 11 and now it is a zero or 1. Now I am living a normal life again and I can finally do everything I use to, including playing golf! Susan has put my life back to where it used to be and I will be forever grateful to her for her healing touch. May she help others as she has helped me.
— Harvey Titen